Saturday, September 26, 2015

Silverado Classic Car Show 2015

What  an exciting day! The Silverado Casino in Fernley, NV sponsored its annual Classic Car Show today. The work that's involved in shining and restoring the cars is incredible! I almost dashed over to the parking area to run my car through the car wash at the gas station.

What an incredible classic car! I especially like the position of the side mirror on the driver's side, high enough to spot another vehicle or a horse and buggy.

The engine in this truck reflects the sun. The chrome and paint job are equally clean and beautiful. In fact, the white fenders blend right into the page I'm typing on.

It was pretty warm out, and the wind made our throats even drier. It's always a good idea to carry a cooler with plenty of bottled water anytime we leave home, since this is the high desert. We just seldom have to break into it several miles away. This was the day.

Here are a few more pictures to enjoy. This was a wonderful way to start the weekend. The good turnout, music, and happy people hopefully inspire the Silverado Casino to host this event next year.

Ford Phantom from the 1930s

The Beach Boys would have loved this!

What a wonderful time!


  1. Ooo I love car shows. These are amazing rides. Looks like a fun time.

  2. This looks like a great car show. I have always loved cars especially the classics. I really like the look of the Ford Phantom. Catherine S

  3. I love classic cars! I need to find one nearby to take the kids.

  4. Oh how fun! I haven't been to a car show in ages, I was very young. But I loved going and looking at all the cars. My boys would love this! - Jeanine

  5. My aunt and uncle have quite a few muscle cars they take to cars shows and have since I was a baby. My mother-in-law has a classic vette that she frequently takes. I love car shows and feel right at home.

  6. It is smart to carry water in a cooler. I like the old cars, they're sure pretty to look at, aren't they??!!