Sunday, October 18, 2015

Prepare the Land for Next Year's Bounty

Soldier, scholar, mom, writer, educator, blogger, leader, scrubber of toilets and dirty pans.. my life is varied and interesting. I’ve always loved to grow things and watch them thrive. My veggies and fruits are organic and healthy. 

Is this the beginning of a new era? It is an oddity to have yellow leaves on this tree. The fruitless mulberry out front usually waits until the first killer frost or hard freeze to drop all at once. It makes cleanup easy. I’ll be doing a lot of raking this year.

Seeds for the goatheads, also known as Bindii, keep getting blown in with the wind. This is the fourth set I’ve had to dig out and kill this year.

If only the other flowering plants had this much determination to survive. It’s a plant that thrives in nearly every part of the world!

The apple tree is confused because the leaves are fading away without any yield this year. The fruit was killed by bad weather in the early spring.  

The apricot trees just gave up and will try again next year.

Other trees sport a mixture of yellow-green leaves. They are not ready to wither away and die, but their fate is sealed.

Living on a small farm with acreage means a gal’s work is never done!  However, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Are there any favorites in your unofficial list of occupations?


  1. It does take a bit of work preparing for next season. My peach trees did not go well this year.

  2. Did you say apricot tree? Oh man, I'd love to have an apricot tree, that's one of my most favorite fruits.

  3. This year has been a great year for apples in Wisconsin. Hopefully we will have a non ice winter...winter ice is so hard on our trees.

  4. This is gorgeous! I love this time of year, it is by far my favorite. Especially here in NH because of the foliage,to be honest!

  5. Oh how I wish this was in my own backyard! Apple trees and apricot trees, wow, I am so jealous!