Saturday, November 7, 2015

Don’t Let Winter Catch You Sleeping

Golden Gate Bridge disappears in the fog.

Old Man Winter is cranky and crotchety. Even the places of sunshine, like Hawaii, Florida, and Southern California, are subject to wind, rain, and damp, misty fog. 


strong winds


There are few things more rewarding than being prepared for inclement weather. Strong winds, pelting rain, vicious ice, and snow show up quickly and take their sweet time leaving. Plan for these impolite visitors and prepare for the worst.

Have canned soups and vegetables on hand. They make a filling meal even if there’s no way to heat them. Boxes of crackers are also handy.

Flooding happens quickly during heavy rains.

Keep bottled water in the pantry so there’s something to drink. Fill a few gallon milk jugs with water for plants, washing hands and dishes, and cleanup.

Put solar lights in the windows to charge. They’ll add a soft glow if the power goes out. Invest in a battery-powered lantern to guide your way as you move from room to room.

Yikes! Snow?

Keep gloves, stocking caps, and fleece blankets in a chest. They’ll be easy to locate when they’re needed.
Act like a Brownie Scout and put on that great big smile. Your kids will remember how brave and confident you acted during the emergency. They’ll be prepared to do the same thing in the future with their own family.
Be Prepared

Keep track of one another. Ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to check in with you from time to time. Be the point of contact for someone else near you.

If each person makes sure another person is okay, everyone will have help when it’s needed in a weather emergency.

What kind of emergency plan does your family have?


  1. Oh my! I don't think we have a plan. I'd better start on one even though it's 75 today, I know February will be cold. Thanks, Lori!

  2. These are great tips and reminds me I have some shopping to do! I keep a busy bag for the kids too in case we loose power or are hunkered down for days and need new excitement!

  3. We always have a lot of canned food on hand, especially soup, for those cold, wintery days. My daughter and I have a hot chocolate date scheduled for tonight. :)

  4. Great post! Winter is coming and I so need to get prepared, I never really am prepared for a NH winter.

  5. I don't mind winter in the south. I hated it when we lived up north.