Saturday, August 8, 2015

Minions Stole my Heart

Minions! They're everywhere, and almost everyone loves them. I've gotten a kick out of seeing them in the Despicable Me movies. Small wonder they are kid favorites for stuffed animals and toys.

The crowd at the theater laughed when the previews for Minions (really, why call it anything else - the title says it all!) aired on the big screen. It just looked like a hilarious movie to see - and it was.

Kevin, Bob, and Stuart might be small, but they pack a powerful punch in their leading roles. Animated features just get better and better every year, and this film should result in a Part II very soon.

Imagine my surprise today when I went to the store and one of the clerks was setting up a display of 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that smelled like - what else - BANANA! I really chuckle at the antics of Stuart and since it was on sale $1 off the regular price, I bought it to give as a gift. The sign on the back reads Despicable Me. 

I received no compensation for talking nice about the Minions movie or the body wash.I just wanted to share the picture of the container in case you have a Minions fan in the family that would enjoy a cute Stuart the Minion back to school or any reason gift.

Are there any movies you look forward to seeing during the rest of the year?


  1. We saw the Minion movie and my girls laughed so hard. I enjoyed just watching them giggle.

  2. We absolutely loved the Minions movie! It was so cute to watch my nephew giggle through the whole thing. We definitely want to see it at least one more time while it's still in theaters.

  3. There are mentaly handicap people who do the cleaning at my job. One of the ladies commented that "Minions Are Everywhere". I agreed with her. She was so tickled.

  4. It really is a cute bottle. And you're right, the kid movies do get better and better.