Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Traveling Tuesdays: Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam World Tour - Boomtown March 28, 2015

Photography wasn't allowed during the show. Here's Dave a few years ago at a concert for veterans.

Some days traveling is nearer to home than I can possible believe. I was invited to attend Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam concert in Boomtown, a few miles from Reno and about 65 miles or so from my house.  I screamed “Yes!” before the offer was completed and wrote in the date on every paper and computer calendar I use for reminders.
Crowd at Boomtown waiting for Dave Mason

 The style, variety, and “foreverness” of Traffic with Dave Mason, Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi brought about their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. Not only did Mason live his teenage dream as a musician in 1967, he’s carried his legacy into 2015 and is still going strong. 

Shared on Wikimedia from one of 2015's first shows

“All Along the Watchtower” and “Feelin’ Alright” gets feet moving to the music. Did I mention the mellow sound? The artist hasn’t lost one iota of his skill or presentation. It’s not just a flashback, it’s an experience. 

My forever favorite was number 12 on the Billboard charts in 1977. In my heart, it will always be #1. “We Just Disagree” is one of the few songs hubby and I both agreed would withstand the ages. I’m so glad it was one of the choices. 

After the concert, we walked around the huge casino! I know families that spend their annual vacation at Boomtown. There’s lots to do and plenty to see. 


 This silver saddle is on display (enclosed, of course) in the lobby. It was used in movies and the Rose Parade. Imagine the time it took for the craftsman to make it perfect.

Check out the official tour website for more information. Dave and the Dave Mason Band are touring California in April and have two appearances scheduled for Chicago in June. It’s an experience to remember.

What's on your calendar for spring, summer, or fall 2015?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursdays: Daffodils and a Solar Froggy

After several days of gloomy skies, occasional rain, and lots of wind, I was delighted to wake up and see a daffodil. We have a lot of wild creatures travel through the pasture, garden area and yard, so bulbs don’t always make it to the next season. Every flower is a treasure, even the weeds that seem to thrive regardless of weather or alkaline soil. Thankfully, daffodils like slightly acidic soil. 

Records about daffodils have been found in reports written about 200 B.C. They were a popular flower for the Romans and ancient Greeks. The beauty of the flower alone is enough to lift the spirits of just about anyone.

 I got a surprise package from my sister in the Los Angeles area yesterday that included a solar froggy. He is so delightful. His official place of honor is a metal stand at the corner of the house.

Solar lighting is so thrifty – I’ve found them for under a dollar! They add brightness to dark areas.  With several acres, there are quite a few of those around the house and outbuildings. From time to time, I’ll spring for larger lights and decorative works of art.

This cheerful penguin is a friendly reminder of holidays year-roundl

An LED butterfly changes colors all night long.
 Creative, beautiful lights are placed around the yard where they are most visible to the family and visitors.

Traditional stake lights are hung along the fences, in garden areas, and dark areas under trees and around bushes.  A solar motion detector light on the back of the house shows whatever triggered it, such as a cat, dog, coyote or other intruder.
This beautiful green globe shimmers during the night to welcome visitors.

Do you have any decorative solar lights? I’d love to see pictures of them. The little things in life make this one of my favorite Thankful Thursdays.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thankful Thursdays – Energy and Enthusiasm

I love the sunshine! It is almost like I’m a solar-powered battery when spring exchanges cloudy days for blue sky and golden beams. 

My energy led me outside to view the damage from winter’s wrath (and yes, there’s more to come).  Our beautiful blue spruce died over the fall and winter, so I’ll cut it down over the next month.  I’m going to leave the trunk high enough to hold a tabletop and use it as a picnic area or just an outside spot to share ice tea and cookies with company. I’m thankful to have so much room outside.

Yikes, there's a lot to do this spring!
I took this picture of a raven quite upset about his spring and summer home no longer offering shelter and shade. The sheen of his feathers shows even in the picture. Did you know ravens live to be 30 years old? I thought perhaps he was a descendant of the huge birds that have hung around at least the 15 years we’ve been here. Perhaps he’s one of the original tenants of that tree.

He is thankful because he spotted another large tree with leaves sprouting out towards the back of the property. Ravens aren’t very social, so this will give him a place close enough to find food and water while minimizing his contact with people and other animals. 

The first step is to get rid of the weeds and start my garden. Setting aside an hour a day during the cool of the morning is a schedule that works for me. I have several large trash cans to put weeds and wrecked items into. 

Do you have any special bird or animal that returns to your property or neighborhood?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Traveling Tuesdays - St Patrick's Day Parades

Sure and it's a good day to be Irish! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Did you see any of the parades this year? Time just got away from me, so I let my fingers do the walking to Wikimedia Commons and choose some favorite pictures to share.

Someday soon I want to visit Ireland. The problem with travel is there is so much to see and do! It is so close to England, Scotland and Wales, not to mention France and The Netherlands. Oh,gosh, what's a girl to do?
The beautiful green of the vegetation makes this ancient Irish castle stand out even more. Can't you picture Saint Patrick chasing the snakes up this hill and driving them off the side of the cliff into the ocean?

Kids love the razzle-dazzle of parades. Dressing up, wearing stickers and crazy hats and headbands, and watching pipers, horses, and all sorts of things go by is a blast.

Manhattan 2010 St Patrick's Day Parade
 Here's the US Coast Guard Pipe Band. Wow, they look impressive.
From the collection of the State Library of NSW- Sydney Australia 1930s
Dublin Ireland St Patrick's Day Parade - how colorful and cheery!

St Patrick's Day 2010 Downpatrick Ireland
2013 Parade in Dublin

No doubt about where to cross at 2010 St Patrick's Day Parade in Downpatrick.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful Thursdays – Celebrate Every Moment

What’s your favorite part of the day, the moment that makes you smile and encourages you to wade your way through anything that gets in your way? I’m a morning person and it drives my family crazy! They just don’t understand why anyone would wake them up to celebrate a 
sunrise at 5:30 a.m.

Needless to say, it’s important to find other things during the next some-odd hours to keep my spirits bright. I love to see big businesses like the Nugget in Sparks NV change things up. They recently added Gilley’s, a cowboy bar and grill, to their lineup.

I celebrate the motivation that drives us to survive instead of whine, such as freelance writing, blogs, internet stores, and sole proprietor shops like Miss Carolyn’s Quilt Shop in Idaho City ID.

Visiting a wildlife sanctuary to learn more about the birds, reptiles, and animals residing within the area is both educational and fun. This little owl was injured and nursed back to health by staff and volunteers. It also gives each of us the opportunity to contribute time or donations to local animal shelters and sanctuaries. Every minute and penny counts. 

Nearly everyone is familiar with the saying about bringing the mountain to Mohammed if he won’t go to the mountain. In many cases, we won’t or can’t travel to see amazing things. The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall goes about the US in honor of the many lives broken and lost during that conflict.

NASCAR fans around the country may never get the chance to attend a race. Instead of bringing a mountain, sponsors like Wal-Mart bring a car and a team member or two to the fans. In 2014, the No. 3 Chevy driven by Austin Dillon in the 2014 Sprint Cup Series for Richard Childress Racing was a hit around the Western states. 

What special events on the horizon in your neighborhood that have captured your interest?