Monday, September 3, 2018

Car Shows Rule in Late Summer and Fall

Don't you love car shows? Idaho City, ID recently featured a seasonal favorite display for locals and visitors.

This is the season to show off the vehicle that zings the strings  of your heart! Crowds of people enthusiastically ooh, ahh, and applaud as they watch a variety of classic and custom motorized units drive by. Later, there are specific locations to park so the general public can admire each entry.

 How about a classic 1958 Chevy Delray wagon? The Delray series introduced low cost, yet sturdy, Chevrolets. There was little in the way of exterior and interior trim. Unlike more expensive models, the Delray had limited options.

Typically selected by law enforcement agencies and other government agencies, it also gained popularity with individuals looking for an economical, law-cost vehicle that still featured safety and quality.  

As  you can see, it was made for family outings and fun.

A beautiful blue sky enhanced by green trees and fresh air makes a welcome invitation to enjoy the show. Nobody's missing the smoky skies that hung around the western states this spring and summer.

Chevy trucks are built "tuff" - if this one could talk, the stories would be thrilling. Heavy snow to cross, livestock in need of food, and firewood to bring down from higher ground to keep the family warm. 

There are several reasons to include a car show as part of your family's seasonal entertainment. 

Be part of a crowd with common goals - drooling over part of the past and recognizing how much the automobile has lent to our way of life.

Let y our imagination soar. Is there anything you'd do to make a trip more comfortable in whatever part of the world you call home? I know I'm grateful that air conditioning is an option every time I have to traverse the hot desert roads.

What special events intrigue you and/or your family? Are they well publicized or just an accidental discovery? And is a classic car show part of your plans this year?