Friday, January 30, 2015

Hats Off to Fashion!

I’ve always enjoyed wearing hats. They just are so much fun! Some kinds of hats, like baseball caps, typically have a message of some type. It’s easy to show off my pride for a favorite sports team or fondness for a particular Disney character - my choice is Tigger©.

One hat that looks good on and can be worn by anyone, male or female, is the fedora. Take your pick of the Trilby, Safari, Straw, or Classic Felt Fedora, among others. There’s a style for every outfit and a myriad of colors to choose from.
Fedora drawn by Nico Buculei - Wikimedia Commons Public Domain
Typically designed to be broad and circular, the straw or felt fedora has a crown capable of being changed by the addition of creases and patterns. The open-crowned variety is meant for the owner to change. You’ll also find designs with pinches and creases added by the hat-maker or haberdasher. 
Dean Martin wore a stetson for Rio Bravo,but also looked great in a fedora.

To avoid falling in love with a hat I can’t wear, I start my hat-hunting expedition by looking for the right size. A good fit allows enough loose area that it won’t make a mark on my head. That lets me wear it at a jaunty angle, tilted back, or in the style of a traditional man’s business hat.

Tan, brown, black, and gray are favorite fedora colors. I’ve owned hunter green, gold, royal blue, and red ones, as well as tan and gray. I especially like the red fedora pictured above.
Hats are always in style! Which colors and types are your favorites?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Paying Attention to My Health

I’ve always enjoyed going for long walks along our country lane. A couple of years ago, however, a family moved in to an empty trailer down the way. One of their dogs was small, but vicious. I’m not talking growl and yap a little. This bad-tempered creature charged everything and anything that moved – cars, horses, goats, cats, other dogs, and people. 

I've always enjoyed walking in the rain!

The snapping and yapping was loud and threatening. He nipped at several people and terrorized other animals on the small farms and ranches around him. He was a ringleader of weak-willed dogs that followed his bad lead. He’d sneak back home after showing them how to create havoc by dumping over trash cans and chasing cats up trees. The other dogs got in trouble while he went free.
His human mom tried to keep him in the yard, but he knew every possible way of digging holes or tearing up fences so he could roam free.  To my dismay, I could no longer take my one and 1/2 mile walk to the main road and back. I shortened my walk to a striding pace to the end of the driveway and back several times a day. It just wasn’t as much fun!

There's always so much to see.

It looks like they’ve moved! There’s been no sign of the dog or the residents for a couple of weeks. I keep watching for the dog when I drive by. My hope is that they got the stick house (a building made of real wood) they were looking for. 

Walking is part of the way I watch my health and weight (which tends to creep up on me when I slack off). I’m looking forward to stopping by to watch the antics of the baby goats down the street and talk to the llama that watches over them. Best of all, I’m looking forward to fitting into a new pair of jeans I recently bought that’s just a little too snug. 

How do you handle pesky pets from other families? What do you do for exercise?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Magic of Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is the loveable character from Michael Bond. First published in 1958, the bear became a favorite friend to children and adults around the world. Although it’s uncertain why it took until late 2014 for Paddington to star in his own movie, the years were worth the wait! This is a “don’t miss” film to view on the Big Screen. Then place your order for the DVD and enjoy viewing it at home time and again.

This isn’t a spoiler – just a caution that there is some sadness, gunfire, drinking, and sleep-causing darts in various parts of Paddington’s story. Some parents may want to attend the movie first and decide which family members will attend the theater first.  The humor and action are along the lines of that found in Muppets Most Wanted.

Genius is the word I’ll use for characterization and scenery. Paddington and his family are not cartoon characters; they look and act authentic with a bit of bear and person wrapped into each one. The spectacular views of London are incredible.  Nicole Kidman carries off the role of Millicent with finesse.  Mrs. Bird, played by Julie Walters, displays the talent that’s earned the British actress multiple awards. 

Each of us impacts the direction of life around us, even though we may never see the effect. Watch for the subtle hints and displays the second time you view Paddington Bear. Put a little orange marmalade on a slice of bread, take a bite, and enjoy the show! I certainly did!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ready or Not, Here Comes 2015

Disclaimer:  I received tickets for two to JA Nugget’s New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance with Big Bang Beat. All opinions are my own.

I’ve often wondered about the purpose of New Year’s Eve celebrations. Are we saying goodbye to events of the past 12 months and looking forward to a happier, more successful 365 days? Is the toast to say “Congratulations, you did great!”?

This year’s celebration at the Nugget in Sparks was spectacular. Music was provided by Big Bang Beat, San Francisco’s legendary party band. The large dance floor called out to the feet tapping to Mustang Sally. People got up to dance because it was the sort of celebration music where everyone could participate. 


No need for a partner; the room was filled with good vibrations and happiness. Diana Ross would have been thrilled at the rendition of Respect. There are several songs to listen to on their website.
You’ll see what I mean.

The food was sensational. Created with a stylish flair by some of the best chefs in the Western states, each part of the meal was delicious. The dessert was particularly clever with its chocolate 2015 banner.

The ambiance created an air of excitement, from the settings at the table to the glitz and glamour of the room. I feel this year’s celebration was designed as a pat on the back to everyone for good and kind things done in the past and a reminder that a new start lies ahead to conquer in style day by day!

Happy New Year 2015!