Sunday, August 30, 2015

Keep Your Chin Up and Stand Against the Wind

Sometimes you just have to brave what life throws at you!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you greet someone you like but haven't seen for awhile and they totally lose their cool? I felt just like this telephone pole today as one of my acquaintances started listing their woes and would not quit!

Anger poured out with words, expressions, and movement. I don't believe I ever heard what was really bothering the person to cause the ruckus, but somehow I became the sounding board until it resulted in a turning away and hastily rushing away. Not me. I was as glued to the ground as this phone pole. Obviously, it was NOT the time to say "Hi."

Good Heavens, I was thunderstruck!

Disbelief held me spellbound for a moment or two as the acquaintance disappeared from view. The angry barbs stuck to me like the sagebrush on the pole. I've spent the better part of today trying to shake them off, to no avail.

The mantras for standing against buffeting winds keep running through my mind. Think good thoughts, love thy neighbor, judge not. 

I'm keeping my chin up and standing tall. I said prayers for a release from anxiety and turmoil. Tomorrow is another day. I hope they find it to be a better one.

How do you or would you handle this situation?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Traveling Tuesdays: Add Spice to Your Trip at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

It’s a rugged, majestic drive from Reno, NV to Salt Lake City, UT. Like any trip of two hours or more, it’s important to plan ahead for each stop along the way. Interstate 80 gets very lonely at times with its remote, high desert locations.

One of my favorite break areas is Bonneville Salt Flats. The state of Utah has a very nice rest area alongside westbound I-80, approximately 10 miles from the Nevada state line. There is room for cars, big rigs and RVs. 

The bathroom areas feature flush toilets and comply with ADA requirements. There’s a pet area so furry family members have a chance to stretch out their legs and run around for a bit

The family likes to see what’s in the vending machines and save the snacks in the car for later.

Wow! Look at all the open space to race on the flat lanes at Bonneville Salt Flats.

The Salt Flats are 30,000 acres of hard salt crust managed by BLM.

It’s part of the Great Salt Lake’s western edge. The crust is nearly five feet deep in some places!

The National Register of Historic Landmarks lists Bonneville Salt Flats because of the land speed racing records set, some exceeding 700 mph!


SPEED WEEK lures many amateur racers to participate in 3 to 5 mile timed speed events. 

It’s just over 500 miles (7 driving hours) from Reno to SLC. If you’re visiting either area, why not add Bonneville to your itinerary? It’s one of the most unusual areas you’ll explore during your lifetime.