Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Idaho City: Like a Phoenix

Rising from the ashes isn’t very easy. Just a year ago, a portion of Idaho City businesses burned to the ground as the historic boardwalk went up in flames (you can see a video here). Phoenix Day is a celebration of the enthusiasm and determination of the townsfolk to rise from the ashes and recover from the June 2015 Boardwalk Fire.    

Rhonda Jameson designed the poster.

The poster, designed by Rhonda, gives the highlights of the event. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the statement of recovery is scheduled for June 11, 2016. 

Take State Hwy 21 up from Boise to reach Idaho City. Turn on Main Street. You’ll see Donna’s Place, which has rebuilt twice from fires during the 16 years of this century. The cafĂ© and grocery store avoided the most recent catastrophe. I particularly enjoy getting a cone filled with any of the varieties of ice cream available.

Catty-corner you’ll find Miss Carolyn’s Unique Quilts and Crafts at 229 Main Street. Enjoy browsing through the many items while you enjoy the shade offered by the tall tree out front. Thanks to the quick action of volunteer fire fighters and locals, the trees and buildings were saved from the angry blaze.

Directly next door is a wonderful collection of many intriguing items. The flowers and greenery are lovely.

Come support the local businesses and get in on the fun activities, such as games and an auction. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and live music. 

There’ll be fire awareness information. Learn more about fire safety and the history of fires in this lovely area. 
IOOF, taken by Brian Teutsch

Main Street, Idaho City 2007

If you’ve already been to Idaho City, come on back to visit again. If it’s still on your bucket list, the weather is great and it’s a wonderful time to experience the West at its Best.


Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Weather Brings a Bevy of Friends

It’s fun to meet friendly pets gallivanting around with their human families. With rainy weather taking a back seat to the sunshine, there are fun places to take your dog besides Home Depot and PetSmart. 

This handsome Mastiff is still a youngster at 7 months old. He’ll be a bit taller and about 70 pounds heavier when he reaches maturity. He accompanied his mom to an outdoor Farmers Market and Boutique. 

Check out his adorable shoes. The asphalt was very hot. Unlike some dogs who moved as close to the shade as their leash allowed to keep their paw pads from burning, he was able to comfortably stand on the pavement.

He got used to the idea as a pup, when his mom would put slippers on his feet so he got used to walking around with something on his paws. Next came practice wearing shoes in the house for a short time each day. Now he knows his tender feet are protected when he goes out for a walk during the hot summer.

Mastiffs are good-natured and calm. They are protective, yet affectionate. This young gentleman enjoys his dignified shoes.

It’s not every day you pass by a Lapsadoodle. Beautiful and happy, this poodle, Australian Shepherd, and Labrador mix is having a great time meeting and greeting people and other dogs on the circuit. 

Small, collapsible canvas water bowls are perfect to carry along. Open it, pour in some water, and watch the dog comfortably lap it up. 

Are there any special things you do to keep your pet happy and comfy while they accompany you on your travels?