Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fast and Furious Tidbits about Lasagna

I love lasagna. It can be made in so many ways! The other day we ate at a local Italian restaurant just to enjoy dinner out. The d├ęcor was very welcoming.

The textured bottle is used to serve water

Although I always think of lasagna as an Italian dish, it’s been attributed to Ancient Greece and Early Britain. Named after the layers of sauce and pasta, there’s been a debate for centuries about where this fabulous, flagrant dish truly originated. 

Who remembers Garfield and his insatiable passion for this delicious food?

National Lasagna Day is July 29th, but there’s no need to wait a year between servings. Lasagna freezes well. Pull it out and reheat in the oven or microwave. 

If you don’t have time to boil the noodles (or you just consider them too messy), get oven-ready lasagna noodles that go right into the pan.  Most varieties are precooked and a bit thinner. They are dried and then boxed for sale.

Weird Al Yankovic treated us to some funny songs, including “Like a Surgeon” (a parody on Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”).  “La Bamba” did not escape from his attention. You can catch the alternate song “Lasagna” on You Tube.

Are there any food trivia facts you’d like to share?