Friday, February 10, 2017

Random Acts of Kindness Thrive in 2017

Now and then I talk about my crafty sisters and friends. They're generous, kind people who do good things for others in addition to the many tasks accomplished every day. At times they need help, too.

Old Man Winter did a number on most of us, starting in the fall of 2016 and working his way forward. Miss Carolyn's Quilt Shop in Idaho City (about 50 minutes from Boise in good traffic and anybody's guess through the snowstorms and terrible road conditions over the last few months) hasn't been open much lately because it's not always possible to drive the few miles from her home to the main area.
Things have been rough lately because it's been a challenge to access the shop. It's like someone turned on the snow machine and forgot to shut it off. Add everyday situations and it becomes overwhelming. Here's a picture of how it looked early February 8, 2017 and an unexpected change later that day thanks to  unknown individual(s).                                                                

Later that day

Miss Carolyn wants the Guardian Angel (s) in Idaho City and people throughout the land to know how thankful she is for the miraculous change to her little red brick store on Main Street. Road closures due to the piles of snow limited what she could do to clear the ice and packed snow. 

She got a phone call from Ruth, who told her someone plowed a path from Main Street to the front door, from the alley side to the porch, and the shoveled the snow off the porch.  The large branch that trailed across the front of the yard was gone. In Carolyn’s words, “It was like it vanished!”  She says when she got down to the store, she was speechless and cried with joy.

Carolyn also said “There are no words in any language that can express the gratitude I feel. I am stunned and that is probably not the right word. All I can do is say a heartfelt thank you. Know that you will be rewarded many times over and carry this blessing in my heart forever.”

This unannounced random act of kindness in Idaho City required a lot of physical labor and demonstrates the care that people display when they quietly help another person. 

Even during the darkest hours, miracles happen and chase away the darkness. Has something happened to add sunshine in your circle of friends lately?