Friday, May 27, 2016

Why You Should Confirm Plans Ahead of Time

My daughter called a friend today who had surgery earlier this week. The patient information center said she had been transferred to a rehabilitation center. However, when she called, she was told her friend wasn't there. She left a message on her voice mail and worried while waiting a return call.

After a while, the friend called back.  It turns out that the friendly, professional center the hospital had set up for her does not take her insurance. There was a scramble while finding a spot for her to go. She was checked in to a facility with unfriendly, uncaring staff and terrible food. Although her complaint has been noted, she is stuck in there until at least Tuesday, since this is a holiday weekend. 

It's a sad lesson that the people we trust to coordinate things don't always do a thorough check of what other centers require. How frightening to be talked into surgery and once you're at a stage where you're too incapacitated to handle mishandled plans, you're stuck in a place that you'd never pick!

It's a good lesson, as well. Get involved in the planning of anything that will affect you - or your family - at all levels. I can picture some upset coordinators because they feel like their toes are being stepped on. Better some stomped toes than your total health as you are mistreated at a less than desirable recovery center after surgery.

Have you ever had plans go awry? Were you able to resolve it quickly?


Friday, May 20, 2016

Blooms and Blossoms Create Lots of Work

Buds, blossoms, and greenery are some of my favorite things about spring. This year the growth was encouraged by lots of snow and rain. The result? Acres of weeds that are still being cleared, beautiful flowers, and lots of green leaves on the trees.

The winds haven't quit yet, so there are still items carried in that have to be picked up and placed in the trash.

Usually I get an agricultural burn permit to take care of the weeds and small branches. I don't burn when it's windy like this, however. It just isn't safe.

Most of the weeds have been taken care of by the garage. This is where we keep the tread mill and other exercise equipment, so it's nice to have a clear path leading to the area.

The leaves grow greener and thicker every day.

 We got to enjoy the lilacs this year as the late spring snow held off until they bloomed completely out. We've been marking the branches that need to be trimmed or taken off come fall.

The climbing roses out towards the front are so beautiful. The deep scarlet ones are starting to bloom, as well.

The cleanup is a challenge every year, but I would miss it if new growth did not start in April and May. 

When the wind dies down next week, I'll be industriously planting the vegetable garden. It will be so nice to have fresh corn, squash, and tomatoes. 

Happy Spring! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thrills a Minute for Captain America: Civil War

It’s been said that too much power is a dangerous thing. So what happens when a group of superheroes and supervillains get told they have crossed the line and must cease and desist or suffer the consequences? The answers are found in Captain America: Civil War.

It was a wonderful surprise to get treated to this fantastic 3-D movie.  I thoroughly enjoy Marvel comics and the characters that bring charm, adventure and daring to printed pages and the Big Screen.  I purposely postponed watching trailers of the film until after I saw the movie. Check out this trailer to get a taste of the fast-paced action of Civil War.

Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo deserve very good award under the sun for exceeding the successful completion of a film filled with strong characters and allowing them to keep their individual identities while contributing to the greater good of the movie.

I think Tom Holland plays an incredible Spider-Man. He added fun to the part as he had fun using his
Spidey powers to try and keep order. Robert Downey Jr. lent credibility to Iron Man’s position on superhero control, while Chris Evans gave Captain America a completely believable reason for analyzing the situation before agreeing to governmental control.

There’s no need to review prior films before watching this movie. It is an everyperson display of action, perfected by 3D.

What's your take on the movie?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It’s the Great American Grump Out Day

But..I'm a cat. I'm entitled to be cranky!

Well, golly gee, I had my blog post all ready to go when I discovered it just didn’t fit the theme for today. A fairly happy-go-lucky girl, dishing out happy thoughts and serving up smiles is what I’m known for.  (It drives grouchy people insane!)

The sign at the store reminded passersby and shoppers that today is the Great American Grump Out Day. Celebrated the first Wednesday of every May, the challenge is to refrain from grumpiness until midnight, when a person can resume their curmudgeonly ways. The good news is that some people find out how nice it is to avoid grouchiness and work to improve their attitude the rest of the year.

Cranky Alligator Snapping Turtle

It’s not even lunchtime and an experience while in town made me feel particularly happy. There’s a bunch of writing to do today, so I stopped by Taco Bell instant lunch to bring home. I got the most cheerful smile I’ve received in years from the drive-thru window cashier, Merci. She explained they were running just a bit behind and asked if I would like a drink while I was waiting. I thanked her for letting me know and asked for a soda, which she gave me right away.

It was just a couple of minutes later that the order was complete and given to me. She told me to have a great day and she looks forward to seeing me again. Although I usually don’t complete the survey, Merci’s friendly, grump-less customer service inspired me to sign in and take it today. It’s always a good thing to remind managers and owners know which of their employees are special.

What is preventing you from being grouchy today?