Monday, January 25, 2016

A Valentine’s Day Gift for my Weary Bones

Disclaimer: I received the tea mug in exchange for my honest opinion about the product. 

The frigid weather has subdued somewhat and provided an early dose of spring fever. I walked outside today to enjoy a bit of sunshine and analyze the latest storm damage before the next system moves in.
Yikes, there's a lot to do!
The yard d├ęcor seriously needs help. The winds have sprawled debris throughout the acreage. The best place for me to start cleaning is the side yard along the driveway. There are lengths of plastic pipe, tumbleweeds, and papers to deal with. Yikes!

I'm glad I had this reminder in my hand when I walked outside.

I was sent Harmony Product’s tea mug set to try out and review. The first thing I noticed was the easy to hold handle and the friendly look of the mug. It’s made of borosilicate glass, which increases the mug’s resistance to heat. A friendly reminder to “keep calm and drink tea” describes the comfort of sipping any flavor while taking a break from cleaning the yard.

Easy to clean - music to my ears!

The stylish set is packaged in a white box and keeps the gift a surprise until opened. Besides the mug, there’s a lid to hold the heat in. It also makes a great coaster. Use tea leaves for a special brew. The stainless steel tea infuser fits inside the mug and is easily removed once tea is brewed to individual taste. It’s easy to clean!

Where to start?

There are many decisions to make about yard work. Finding Valentine’s Day gifts for friends, family and coworkers just got easier.  Recipients will cherish the gift for years to come.  It’s available through the AmazonGateway, making gifting easier for you.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Valentine's Day is On the Way

Just before Christmas I was provided several products in exchange for my honest review. The opinions are entirely my own.

I’m an aromatherapy kind of girl. My mom was an awesome manager for a renowned cosmetics and fragrance company. I bargained to do extra chores and tasks in exchange for small perfume samples. (To this day, I avoid using the term “toilet water” – yuck!) 

There’s an easy way for me to gift myself when I give to friends and family. It’s by choosing items with fragrance that will please the recipient and make my olfactory system speed up with delight. Soap is a perfect opportunity to help the guys in my family smell good without making them feel all girly-girl. 

Working up a sweat is a daily routine!
Valentine’s Day is going to be a bit different this year with less candy. It’s pretty much off the radar as we avoid extra carbs and calories. Flowers just don’t seem to thrill men as much as they do women. Everyone in the house enjoyed trying Cool Springs Scrub Man Bar from EcoHip Products over the holidays. There’s one left in the box that will be gifted to one of the guys. 

 It is made with natural oils from coconut, soybean, and hemp. It also includes olive oil, known for its ability to clean the skin while leaving natural oils. Man Bar doesn’t block skin pores, so dead cells will shed naturally. Working up a sweat is less of a disadvantage, as the natural ingredients have a pleasant fragrance that is released at the same time.

Exfoliating the skin has never been so pleasant. The sea salt adds supplements skin health and cleanliness. The 5-oz bar of Cool Spring Scrub is designed for a man’s grasp. It’s on sale just in time for Valentine’s Day! It’s a thoughtful gift for the men in your life (and the delicious aroma makes it a treat for you, too).  Read all the details for this product by following the Amazon link

Are you doing anything special for Valentines’ Day?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

An Abundance of Work

Photo from Post0200 wikimedia commons

Staying ahead of tasks can be compared to chasing the rainbow - We get close, but hardly ever get to hold the lovely colors in the palm of our hand.

Isn’t it amazing how much work there is today, tomorrow, and endless days ahead? It’s a good thing! We condition ourselves to be creative and effective a certain number of hours a day. If for some reason we lack designated things to do, we start on another task. The next day brings the usual barrage of chores. Suddenly, we’re behind because there’s no time to work the newer one.

The lesson that’s learned is that it is often better to determine what should be completed on a daily basis and focus on that target goal. Lately I’ve kept a frantic pace trying to complete things that are close to done, only to work myself into the ground. The truth is the work will still be at my desk when I sit down the next day, and something else will take its place before the day is over.

Three of the top methods I’ve discovered for managing work are focus, perspective, and strategy. It’s much easier to achieve my goals if I know:

  • ·         What I’m trying to do.
  • ·         How I intend to achieve it.
  • ·         Completing a project before deciding to revamp it gets more done.

My mom used to say “It’ll still be here tomorrow.” As usual, she was right.

What techniques do you use to make the days less crazy?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My First Resolution for the New Year

It was a slow trip, but I finally made it to a resolution! 

Be it resolved that 2016 is going to see a slimmer, trimmer me. Short-term goals are best, so I pledge to lose 15 pounds by the first of July.

I try to eat healthy. Veggies and fruit are very important, but the recommended amounts are too expensive to handle. Checking store ads to stock ahead on sale items is one way to meet the RDA. 

Sometimes lightning has to strike to inspire us to wisdom. I have two grocery shopping pals that frequently ride along with me to the stores. Bargains are better when purchasing quantities. It's quick and easy to separate a shared purchase once we return to the car and each of us benefit by the price and quantity. 

$1 for one orange vs $1.98 for 5 lbs of smaller oranges of good quality? Yesterday, three of us walked into our individual kitchens to put away the fresh fruit that cost each of us 34 cents less than the price of a single orange.

Once growing season starts, there will be lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to look forward to. 

It's always easier to achieve a good goal when you have 

to help you along the way. Encouragement and companionship provides inspiration and a reminder that it's fun to be healthy!

Are there any new resolutions on your horizon?