Monday, September 12, 2016

Thrill to the Adventures of Classic Cars

Do your eyes light up when you spot a car, truck, or motorcycle that you identify with adventurous memories? Perhaps it was a trip to the beach in an old pickup truck or a panel truck shown in businesses owned by relatives you never met. 

Car shows and parades are inexpensive to attend. They’re a ritual for cities, towns, beaches, and parks.  They draw guests young and old because of their appeal. Sparking paint jobs, shiny rims, and once-hot features that went out of style are part of the excitement and appeal.

The attractions fit every pocketbook. Events may be within 50 miles of your home and cost little to nothing to attend. Pack a lunch and some drinks for a picnic. Family and friends can enjoy talking about their favorite set of wheels!

Use the experience as a history lesson. What caused certain manufacturers to succeed and still make cars today? How did WWII affect auto manufacturing around the world? 

The family enjoys the summer months when the Western States celebrate classic vehicles. More are scheduled for the year, but June through September provide the best weather for traveling and sightseeing. 
Here are some of the favorite cars we spotted. 

What special event or activity did you enjoy in the first three quarters of 2016?