Monday, October 10, 2016

Getting Ready for Winter

Halloween is on the way. I'd better hurry!
The leaves will be on the ground soon. Get rakes ready!
I know it's time to get ready for winter when the Halloween decorations and crafts get pulled out of storage. 

We've seen overnight temperatures in the low 20s and afternoon highs in the 50s. The afternoon is a great time for working on the yard and home exterior.

The trees are getting their fall colors. As beautiful as it is, the changes don't last long. A few more windstorms like we've had lately will put then on the ground. I like to stuff some in the Halloween leaf bags with howling good holiday scenes. Bats, witches, and jack o'lanterns are favorite displays.

I'm still learning to deal with Windows 10 and the different places and options for my pictures. Anybody have any hints on how to resize my pictures? The old program gave me the option to resize when I accessed edit. Now I'm lost.

The Internet is working after several weeks of problems. Brian from AT&T came out today and tracked the lines for a mile or so. He said it looked like a cable had been nicked down the way when trees were cut back earlier this year. He got our net up and running much better. A crew will be out later this week to fix the lines where the trouble is. 

Happy Columbus Day to one and all. Christopher and his sailors had one heck of an adventure sailing across the waters and discovering so many different islands and continents. 

How do you prepare for the change in seasons?