Monday, June 11, 2018

Getting Back into the Writing Habit

This has been one of the wildest weather patterns I've encountered! Late-season snow, 90 degrees one day and 29 degree day the next, and lots and LOTS of wind. Small plants got ripped out of the ground and large trees plummeted to the ground, The patio furniture was tossed this way and that. Lights flickered, the Internet failed, and power bounced off and back on. Yikes!

It reached the point where I started saving anything I was writing every couple of lines. Today we have more of a gentle breeze than a catastrophe. I'm using the time to get back into the writing habit. It's something I really enjoy.

The first thing I considered was a topic. So many pictures and happenings deliver ideas, so concentrating on one particular thing is a challenge.  

Fortunately, one of my photos caught my eye.
Is this the Nexus? What is it connecting to?

A black, nearly starless sky a few weeks ago was broken up by the moon shooting two beams through the wispy string of clouds.  It led to many questions, including how the solar system is able to provide so many unique sights for viewers in the universe.

How delightful to capture such an amazing scene. Imagination delivers so many possibilities for writing:

Is someone stranded on our moon and sending a distress signal in hopes of rescue?
Are solar lights being placed throughout the solar system?
Does darkness seem deeper when blazing beams shimmer across night's sky?

Traveling Tuesdays don't usually cover possible journeys of 238,900 miles. The scene reaffirmed the mystique of decades ago when Earthlings first traveled to the planet's satellite, and made several additional trips thereafter. Perhaps someone observed the astronauts and are inquiring after the welfare of Earth's citizens while questioning if we will be back.